How Is OSHA Consulting Important to Workplace Safety Compliance?

What is workplace safety compliance?

Workplace safety compliance is important to any employer and every employee. Safety compliance in the workplace means that an organization is remaining compliant with the laws, standards or regulations established by an ordinance like OSHA. All organizations are legally bound to comply with the safety measures and standards put into place for their industry.

Employers are legally responsible to educate employees on standards and safety measures that need to be taken at their specific workplace. With this being stated, employers also need training and education on how to execute these safety measures and trainings properly to their employees. This is where OSHA consulting through MAC Safety can help.

OSHA consulting is most effective and sought after by companies that are in high hazard markets. This includes, but is not limited to, construction, electric, and factory work. Due to the possible risks of falls, electrocution, struck-by hazards, and caught-in or between hazards, OSHA consulting is imperative to remaining workplace compliant and avoiding fines and fatalities.

Training is provided through OSHA consulting to help organizations remain safety compliant and avoid unwanted fines and workplace injuries. Safety trainings help to accomplish the following:

  • Ensure that hazards are minimized in the workplace to avoid unwarranted illness, injury, or death to employees or the employer;
  • Create a work environment where employees have safety at the top of mind to decrease risk for injury or death;
  • Discover better ways to manage risk hazards at your place of work or your business;
  • Fulfill your legal obligation to perform safety training and remain safety compliant in the workplace.

OSHA has also set forth a list of responsibilities mandated for both an employer and the employee. Both of these lists differ drastically and need to be reviewed either through OSHA consulting, or through research prior to beginning work or employment endeavors. Employer responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  1. Employers must review and examine workplace conditions to ensure that they conform to OSHA standards that are applicable to their organization.
  2. The safety of the tools and equipment used and available to employees must be maintained and safe for utilization.
  3. Operating procedures must be updated accordingly, outlined, and addressed to members of staff in order for them to follow safety and health requirements of the business.

There is an extensive list of employer responsibilities available through the United States Department of Labor (DOL). Employees have a much smaller list that includes some of the following criteria on the DOL’s website:

  1. All hazards in the workplace need to be reported to a supervisor.
  2. Employees need to cooperate and comply with OSHA compliance officers when inspections occur.
  3. Individuals must comply with OSHA standards, with requirements set forth by the State-approved plan if any exist within your state, and with your employer’s safety and health rules.

As you are looking to become workplace safety compliant, it is important to seriously consider reaching out to an organization to help you with OSHA training. OSHA consulting through MAC Safety can help prepare your organization and employees to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

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