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In any organization, it is important to have safety consultants that you can trust to hone in on a specialized approach to your organization’s needs. MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. does just that, and have been serving organizations for over two decades to decrease workplace deaths, injuries, and eliminate other potential workplace risks.

MAC Safety serves a number of different business types, including, but not limited to, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, power plants, and nuclear plants. As a leading consultant service for over 10 years, MAC Safety can help your organization with healthcare safety consulting, safety staffing, and safety training.

Healthcare Safety Consultants

As a healthcare safety consultant, an individual from our staff will help your organization create a custom safety plan to prevent issues before they occur. In addition, we will also instruct and advise members of your team on the best way to implement safety measures at your workplace. These safety measures will help to prevent slips and falls while staff performs their duties. The safety plan created will also help direct your staff on how to replace employees who are injured.
On-site healthcare safety consultants provide valuable information to not only keep your business safe, but also your business. These consultants will delve into some of the following basic tips…

  • Ways to prevent slips and falls on the floor: 15% of accidental deaths are the result of slips and falls at work. There are numerous ways that these can be prevented – reporting spills, replacing flooring, inspecting scaffolding, and more. (In the medical field, falls can be a common occurrence, but they can also be prevented with due diligence and planning.)
  • Containing combustible materials: eliminating fire risks is another top priority for healthcare safety consultants.
  • Strategically place safety signs: stairwells and other common workplace areas should have signs regarding common workplace safety prevention methods.

The consultants that you hire to come on site and assess your organization will delve further into the aforementioned topics and touch on many more areas.

Safety Staffing

Circumstances often arise where an organization may be left without a safety professional that is necessary to staff a project, team, or organization on short notice. MAC Safety deploys qualified expert healthcare safety consultants to your organization to support your endeavors. There are a variety of industries that our organization supports, they include…

  • Manufacturing industry staffing
  • Oil and Gas industry staffing
  • Construction industry staffing
  • Steel industry staffing
  • Pipeline industry staffing
  • Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health industry staffing

MAC Safety experts come equipped to your worksite with leading industry knowledge on OSHA regulations and enforcement strategies. If one of our professionals needs another member for backup support, expertise, or a substitute, our crew can swiftly assist. Safety staffing is a great solution for any organization that is finding themselves without a safety professional. If there is not an individual designated to make safety a priority on your team, injuries could incur leaving your organization vulnerable.

Safety Training

The importance of safety training cannot be overstated to members of your team or to management. Safety training is important when an employee is hired to your organization, and it is imperative routinely throughout the years to reinforce safety standards. Implementing safety training at your organization and safety standards throughout your workplace will help you prevent injury, illness and death.
Safety training is most important for individuals who work in areas that involve heavy machinery, high climbs, slippery surfaces, and other potentially dangerous elements. Jobs like construction, manufacturing, and electric often include the most risk when it comes to safety. In regards to OSHA, they refer to the top four risks as the “fatal four,” and safety training can help to prevent these potentially life-ending injuries. The fatal four includes the following…

  1. Fall Hazards: Fall fatalities are most common among workers who perform scaffolding, roofing, and other jobs that involve high surfaces or slippery areas.
  2. Caught In/Between Hazards: This hazard area involves workers being caught-in or compressed by objects or equipment, and struck, caught, or crushed by heavy machinery.
  3. Struck-By Hazards: This focus area surrounds preventing deaths resulting from unsecured objects striking workers.
  4. Electrocution Hazards: Jobs that include working with electrical wiring could result in workers being electrocuted if proper precaution isn’t taken.

Outside of the fatal four, providing safety training to your staff is, in many cases, mandatory and it can prevent fatalities and fines for your business. MAC Safety provides training in many areas, some of those include: powered industrial lift trucks, electrical safety training, behavioral based safety, and confined space entry training. For a comprehensive list of training opportunities, please visit our training page here.

There are many ways that MAC Safety Consulting, Inc. can help your organization prevent injury, fatalities, and fines. If you are looking for healthcare safety consulting, safety staffing, or safety training, contact us today!

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