Taking your Workplace Safety program to the next level.

MAC Safety – The Solution to taking your Workplace Safety program to the next level

It is time to improve your workplace safety program. OSHA has announced new reporting requirements, beginning in 2017, many employers must electronically provide to the agency the details concerning the workplace injuries and illnesses kept on their OSHA 300 logs. No big issue right? Here is the part that will be alarming to most – OSHA then will make this material available for public viewing on its web site.

With unrestricted access to this information, your current and potential customers, vendors and clients will have a comprehensive view of your workplace safety program. If what they see is a poor safety record with significant injuries and illnesses, you may lose business opportunities. Safety will play a bigger role in the procurement process than it ever has. Take action: now is the time to have MAC Safety review your safety programs, advise and audit to ensure your training records are documented, and most importantly help advise (that is the key, not just identify problems, but be the problem solver / the solution) to decrease the number of injuries occurring at your job-site / facility and ensure your employees go home safe every night.

All employers have good intentions and want to realize this goal, but fail to execute. After OSHA makes an announcement like the electronic reporting requirement, meetings are called, mandating safety must improve. Here comes the MAC Safety vision:

Having a vision for your company’s safety programs and developing safe work behaviors in your employees are the key components that MAC Safety will assist your management team with, and help you realize your vision: To keep injury rates at the lowest level. We all know achieving any goal involves surrounding yourself with the right people – MAC Safety professionals are the right people – with over 80+ years of job-site safety, railroad safety, DOT compliance, experience in the Steel Mill, Chemical, Heavy Manufacturing, Construction – Residential /Industrial, Retail Warehouse, Food Safety Industry, and Oil and Gas Industry – MAC Safety will help create the vision and ensure implementation.

We believe in all team members buying in to the vision, the vision that is yours – not ours – we are here to assist and implement, we believe these tasks may seem difficult at first, but with MAC Safety we believe we will deliver you the safety program you want.

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