When to Hire DOT Compliance Consultants in Pittsburgh, PA

When to Hire DOT Compliance Consultants in Pittsburgh, PA

If you own a driver-based business in Pittsburgh, PA, you understand how important and complex Department of Transportation regulations can be. When it comes to compliance, the stakes are high—failed audits can result in fines, insurance increase, and even total shut down.

Keeping up to date with the ever-changing federal and state regulations can be mind-boggling, so how do you ensure that your business stays within the boundaries of DOT regulations? The professional consultants at MAC Safety have a strong background in the transportation industry as well as law enforcement to help you stay compliant through any stage of your business.

So, when should your business hire DOT compliance consultants?

1. You are Starting a New Carrier Business

MAC Safety can help your new business wade through the DOT regulation paperwork as well as educate you and your staff on DOT Compliance. They can help to create company policies and procedures as well as train your staff to maintain the correct records and files. By educating your company from the ground up, everyone starts off on the right foot and understands what needs to be done from the very beginning.

2. Your Company is Facing a DOT Audit

It can be a little scary when the DOT informs you that your company is up for review. Luckily MAC Safety knows exactly what this audit entails and how to prepare you for it. Their professionals will conduct a mock review under the same guidelines used by the FMCSA to identify your problem areas, and then they will work with you to correct the issues and avoid repeating these errors in the future.

Going into your audit with this preparation and knowledge can make the process much less intimidating and save you big bucks in penalties.

3. Your Previous DOT Audit Didn’t Go Well

If your DOT Review scores were lower than you like, a compliance consultant can review your audit, identify your problem areas, and help you to repair the damage. Past mistakes don’t need to stay with you forever, and the professional consultants at MAC Safety know how to get you back on track to full DOT Compliance.

Whether you’re dreading an upcoming audit, or you want to feel more prepared for what the future holds, contact MAC Safety today at 724-847- 3331.

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