Staffing Services

Swift Response Safety Staffing

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes create an urgent need for an additional or substitute on-site safety professional. The staffing services of MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. can meet your company’s requirements on short notice by rapidly deploying a top-quality safety specialist to your site.

Whether you’re a company in need of safety staffing support, or you’re a safety professional actively seeking work, call Chris or Ann Miranda at 724-513-4491 or email MAC Safety at for more information.

Safety Staffing Services for a Variety of Industries

MAC Safety makes safety professionals available to a wide range of industries throughout the United States. We staff safety professionals for a variety of work environments and offer:

  • Manufacturing industry staffing
  • Oil and Gas industry staffing
  • Construction industry staffing
  • Steel industry staffing
  • Pipeline industry staffing
  • Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health industry staffing

Why MAC Safety is the Best Solution to Your Safety Staffing Needs

  • SPEED: Our safety services have a rapid response time, coming to your aid quickly on short notice.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING EXPERTISE: In  this era or increased regulations and OSHA enforcement, MAC Safety offers some much-needed assurance that you’re getting the very best and most knowledgeable safety professionals available.
  • BACKUP SUPPORT: Our experts in the field are backed up by a team of safety professionals who can assist them when called upon or substitute for them on-site in the event of an illness or inability to perform required duties.
  • TURNKEY: To minimize the administrative burden on your end, our safety staffing professionals remain employees of MAC Safety and we handle all payroll and human resource matters.

Outsourced Safety Department

Rather than assigning safety responsibilities to an employee whose primary role isn’t safety, why not outsource these responsibilities to MAC Safety? We can deploy an entire safety department that is completely customized to suit your specific operation. We can also satisfy your program development needs when it comes to OSHA compliance and training and other areas. Shifting to our outsourcing program assures full OSHA compliance, which is critical in this time of stringent OSHA enforcement.


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