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There’s nothing more integral to a construction site than the right safety leadership. MAC Safety – a national leader in safety solutions – understands the importance of job site safety better than anyone. What we do goes far beyond compliance training. We oversee every facet of safety management at your job site. Not only do we monitor performance, but we also work with everyone on your site – from management to hired contractors and subcontractors – to develop a safety culture that everyone values.

This is why we’ve quickly become one of the leading on-site construction safety staffing agencies in the country. Our objective is to protect and strengthen the reputation of any company that hires us by doing everything in our power to ensure their workers return home safely at the end of their shift.

Short & Long-Term Safety Staffing Solutions

Whether you need an on-site safety professional to oversee a short or long-term project, we’re just a phone call away with the assist. There’s absolutely no need to hire a full-time employee and take on that additional administrative burden. The safety staffing pros we send to your job site remain our employees, which means we handle basic administrative tasks like payroll.

Our safety professionals have an entire team of safety experts backing them and can deliver the same safety consulting and oversight as a full-time hire. We’ll help you create and maintain a safe accident and incident free construction site.

Safety Staffing Reduces Your Liability Exposure

By working with an on-site construction safety staffing agency, you’re ensuring OSHA and local regulators that you take job site safety very seriously. This could lower your insurance rates, reduce liability exposure, and strengthen your defense if any litigation ever occurs.

Safety Staffing Shows Your Workers They’re Valued

When construction workers see firsthand the steps an employer has taken to ensure they remain safe on-the-job, they feel valued as human beings. Workers that feel safer are generally more efficient and productive. This ultimately helps your bottom line since it means the project at hand is more likely to be completed on-time and on-budget with minimal accidents or incidents delaying progress.

Let Us Give You a Safe & Productive Construction Site

Construction sites can get hectic. Let your project managers oversee the tasks that need to be completed while we work to set forth an effective well-communicated safety program. One where there’s accountability from upper management on down to every tradesman and laborer. The safest construction site is one where everyone recognizes their individual roles and responsibilities when it comes to ensuring the safety of all on or around the job site. This is best accomplished by bringing in on-site safety management specialists.

Our Expertise = Your Success

MAC Safety has built our reputation by consistently delivering proven and practical safety solutions. If our construction safety staffing services seem like just what your construction site needs, call us today at 724-513-4491. Take that first pivotal step towards a safer more efficiently run construction site.