Security Staffing Services

Stadium & Event Security

Whether you’re hosting a big or small event, MAC Safety has you covered. Our professional Pittsburgh-area stadium and event security staffing services will keep your event orderly, safe, and crime free.

Our on-call event security guards are trained to protect and uphold the highest standards in personal/public safety, crowd control, conflict resolution, and vandalism prevention.

The stadium security staffing we provide is second to none. The security guards we deploy are proficient at working within an alcohol-fueled environment with overenthusiastic crowds and the need for enhanced search procedures and traffic control in and around the venue.

Our security professionals assess each event and customize unique security initiatives to assure your event’s safety and success. We provide security-staffing services for:

  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Politicians, and Executives
  • Conferences
  • Red Carpets
  • Trade Shows
  • Parades and Fairs

Warehouse Security

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are often left unattended and isolated at the end of the workday. Warehouses by design are built with ease of access and loading/unloading in mind. This has made them prime targets for vandalism and theft.

MAC Safety offers security staffing to warehouses and manufacturing facilities in Pittsburgh and surrounding suburbs. We have licensed security guard officers that can be deployed for short or long-term needs. Your machinery, equipment, computers, and building materials are too valuable to leave unguarded.

Our warehouse security staffing services will protect your assets from theft and vandalism.

Construction Site Security

Unattended construction sites are extremely volatile locations with dangerous heavy machinery, multiple on-site hazards, and millions of dollars worth of equipment and building materials. MAC Safety offers security staffing services for construction sites in and around Pittsburgh, PA. Having an on-site security professional present will reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism, fire, or equipment/machinery tampering. It will also lower your insurance costs.

Whether you need a static or mobile security patrol, we have on-call construction site security guards available to you. No two construction sites are alike. This is why MAC Safety customizes our construction security services to the specific needs and challenges of each construction area.

We perform a thorough walk-through of each construction site to assess areas of concern and offer our security recommendations. Our guards don’t just lounge or hang out at your job site. Our construction security staff is diligent about being a visible and active presence at the site to deter criminal or malicious activities.