Safety Consultants

MAC Safety Consultants, Inc.

MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. provides occupational safety and health management services nationwide. We help our clients achieve a safer work environment, which typically results in a healthier bottom-line profit. We believe that companies who properly manage their worker’s safety and health, by providing OSHA required training, are positioned to operate more efficiently.

MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. can help your company develop, implement, and maintain a safety program that meets and exceeds OSHA safety requirements. Our experienced consultants can conduct OSHA training classes at your workplace. This on-site safety training and instruction is more than simply an OSHA training course; we typically provide:

Chris Miranda, Owner and President

As the founder of MAC Safety, Inc., located in Pittsburgh, PA, Chris has years of experience in safety management, accident investigation, and OSHA compliance. His unique blend of business expertise and business ownership, and extensive safety background has allowed him to grow MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. into one of the top safety consulting firms in Pennsylvania.

As a national trainer and author, Chris has helped design safety programs that get results. He has designed a safety awareness training program that has contributed to significant reductions in OSHA reportable accident rates at companies all around the country.

By driving the proactive management of a clients’ worker’s safety and health, providing OSHA required training and monitoring OSHA reporting requirements, Chris has helped companies operate more efficiently and with less risk of fines and citations. Through MAC Safety Consultants, Inc., his team has helped companies develop, implement, and maintain safety programs that meet and exceed OSHA safety requirements.