OSHA Consulting

MAC Safety Offers OSHA Consulting Services in the Pittsburgh Area

Many safety consultants offer OSHA Consulting Services, but not all OSHA programs are designed the same way. MAC Safety Consultants, Inc of Pittsburgh, PA offers top-notch, state-of-the-art OSHA consulting services that not only cultivate a safer work environment, but also make businesses more profitable while protecting the bottom line.

How does MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. OSHA Consulting Services protect the bottom line?

The cost of hiring a full-time safety professional can be huge risk for any business. It’s not just salary, training, and employee overhead that must be taken into consideration, but what happens when an occupational injury or illness occurs if the company does not have an adequate safety program put in place? MAC Safety Consultants knows the expenses companies with safety violations face – overwhelming regulatory penalties, legal fees, increased insurance costs, and plenty of lost time.

MAC Safety’s OSHA consulting services can help employers assess the impact of the injuries and illnesses before they happen. MAC Safety provides Pittsburgh businesses with an assessment of workplace safety and health hazards. Even after the initial OSHA consulting services are completed, MAC Safety forms relationships with businesses by continuously suggesting ways to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

What is the difference between MAC Safety’s OSHA consulting services and a competitor’s service?

Just as a business owner wouldn’t pay a doctor to file their business’s taxes, no one should hire just anybody to take on their OSHA consulting. It is imperative that a business do their research when it comes to OSHA consulting.

Does the safety company offer customized business solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients?
Does the safety company offer safety professional staffing, safety attendant services, occupational medicine support, drug and alcohol testing, or industrial hygiene testing?
Will the company in question assist the development or maintenance of an
effective safety and health program, in addition to proper training and education?

MAC Safety offers all of these services and more to businesses across Pittsburgh as part of the OSHA consulting services package.

If a Pittsburgh business does not have a safety professional on-site, MAC Safety can provide one. Not only is MAC Safety able to provide services to train workers on workplace safety, but MAC Safety has also offered OSHA consulting services to middle and executive management who eventually, after proper training, take on all safety oversight and responsibilities themselves.

Contact MAC Safety for OSHA consulting services

MAC Safety’s OSHA consulting services go beyond regulatory compliance – focusing on all aspects of safety in the workplace. They work to maximize safety programs to reduce risk, bring down insurance cost and establish a long enduring safety culture.

When it comes to OSHA consulting services – safety is MAC Safety’s number one priority. Call 724.847.3331 or click here to request an audit.