Onsite Safety in Pittsburgh

Important Safety Tips From Your Onsite Safety Company in Pittsburgh

Workplace safety is crucial for the wellbeing of your employees. From avoiding slips and falls to even replacing employees due to injury, onsite safety is key to ensuring that your employees stay healthy to perform day-to-day tasks. In order to effectively protect your employees, you’ll need to have a safety plan in place. Working with an onsite safety company in Pittsburgh is the best resource for incorporating an effective, custom safety plan for your business.

The following tips from your onsite safety company in Pittsburgh will keep your establishment’s safety plan as streamlined as possible:

● One of the most basic safety tips from your onsite safety company in Pittsburgh is to prevent slips and falls. Slips and falls not only account for a large portion of accidents in the workplace, but they also account for 15% of accidental deaths. You can avoid slips and falls in the workplace by reporting spills, replacing worn flooring that presents tripping hazards, and even regularly inspecting scaffolding.
● Eliminating fire hazards is another top tip from your onsite safety company in Pittsburgh. You can drastically reduce the chance of fire in the workplace by keeping combustible materials in a safe, designated area. Make sure that these materials are stored away from ignition sources.
● Immediately report any hazards within electrical areas — this is another step to avoiding fire.
● Did you know that an abundance of clutter in the workplace can lead to trips and falls? One of the top tips from your onsite safety company in Pittsburgh is to clear your workplace from unnecessary clutter. This will help employees move around the workplace safely and more efficiently.
● Designated storage areas should be kept clear of clutter, too. According to OSHA’s Materials Handling, Storage, Use, And Disposal Standard, storage units need to be neatly organized and free of tripping hazards.
● Make sure that accident prevention signs are displayed at all times, such as in stairwells.

Although these are basic workplace safety tips, they can help prevent injuries and time away from work with injured employees. If you’re looking for a custom workplace safety plan for your establishment, an onsite safety company in Pittsburgh such as MAC Safety can help you get a plan in place. Get in touch with us today to learn more about making your establishment the safest place to work as possible. Call us at 724-513-4491.