Machine Guarding

OSHA Standard CFR 29 Subpart O  §1910.211

Serious and disabling workplace injuries are often the result of an absence of/or an inadequate guarding of machines. The MAC Safety Machine Guarding Course teaches participants how to identify potentially injury-causing machine components, functions, or processes that must be safeguarded to avoid injuring the operator or those within close proximity. Additionally, current OSHS, NFPA, and ANSI requirements regarding machine guarding are discussed.

Who Should Attend the Machine Guarding Course?

This course would be beneficial to any industrial workplace supervisor, machine operator or employee working on or in close proximity to industrial machinery and equipment.

Included Topics:

  • Recognizing Equipment Hazards that must be safeguarded
  • Avoiding or Abating Hazards
  • Evaluating Various Machine Guards
  • Evaluation Machine Guard Functions and Regulations

Note: Other topics may be selected and used to customize the course for your specific operational and program needs.

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