How Can a Boston Safety Consultant Help You Through an OSHA Inspection?

How Can a Boston Safety Consultant Help You Through an OSHA Inspection?

You’ve just received a notification that your Boston area business is scheduled for a routine OSHA inspection. You’re reasonably certain that your work place is safe—probably. A nagging concern grows in the pit of your stomach. How detailed is the inspection? Are there new regulations that you haven’t heard about yet? How many strikes do you get before they close your doors? Can your business survive expensive citations?

Relax. The safety experts at Mac Safety New England can help you through every step of the inspection process.

Create a Written Safety Plan

If you have been “winging it” in regards to safety procedures, now is the time to make everything official before OSHA gets involved. Our safety consultant comes to your Boston area job site, inspects your premises, observes your routines, meets with your staff and then expertly creates a written safety program tailored to the unique needs of your industry and location. Your safety consultant even works with you to educate your staff on the new policies. A written safety plan is the first line of defense against OSHA citations.

OSHA Required Training

Are all of your employees up-to-date on all of the training that OSHA requires? Do you know which specific courses are required for your industry? Let your Mac Safety consultant worry about that. Our years of experience means that we know what needs to be taught, how to teach it and how to complete any paperwork that needs to accompany the training. We ensure that your entire staff is trained and certified before OSHA shows up at your door.

Mock OSHA Inspections

Have our consultants perform a mock OSHA inspection to see how well your business fares before you face the risk of penalties. We perform our inspections based on the most current OSHA regulations and analyze every detail that the real inspection team would cover. After our inspection, we go over the results with you and help you to correct any problems so that you can breathe easy when the big day comes.

There is nothing worse than being underprepared for your next OSHA inspection. Stay a step ahead by contacting MAC Safety for your Boston, Massachusetts business.

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