Why Hire MAC Safety Consultants, Inc.?

Why Hire MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. as your Safety Professional?

MAC Safety does not come to your worksite to take any jobs. We provide a support system and our experience allows people to be inserted, not act as a third party, but be integrated into your culture (quickly, seamlessly).

Also, you are not hiring just a safety person, but a safety team. MAC Safety approaches projects as a team effort and we support each other, cover (vacations, etc.) for each other and if you don’t like the person there, we’ll find the next man up.

Benefits of Hiring MAC Safety over Company “B”:

MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. has placed people in high profile jobs and allowed them to gain experience. We are always looking to improve, our cost is cheaper – but our value is the team. We are always just a call away from each other and we use that to our advantage – no ego’s – no injuries – just a safe job!

Benefits of Using a Third Party like MAC Safety:

  • No long term commitments! We have the flexibility to operate a one – two week job. Which means we can come in and you aren’t committed to us for a longer period of time than the project needs.
  • No signing any contracts. You can hire MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. on a day-to-day or even hour-to-hour trial basis.
  • If you’re extraordinarly impressed with a MAC Safety Professional, he may be of service to be hired direct
    • MAC Safety has had 3 such situations; Currently one heads MarkWest construction safety in Ohio, as well as a Regional Manager for Power Piping and a Regional Manager for Lighthouse Electric