DOT Compliance


MAC Safety’s Roadmap to DOT Compliance, Safer Roadways & Increased Profitability

DOT compliance is important for any company with drivers and fleet managers. Carriers must stay on top of ever-evolving government regulations, state-to-state laws, and cross-border controls. A failure to be DOT compliant can result in anything from heavy fines and insurance rate spikes to a revoked license or an entire fleet losing its operating authority. This is why everyone involved in your operation must fully understand how Department of Transportation regulations affect them and your bottom line.

The safety consultants at MAC Safety are professionals with backgrounds in the transportation industry as well as law enforcement. This mix of experience has allowed us to build a DOT compliance program like no other. A program specifically designed to put you on the road to becoming 100% compliant. This roadmap to compliance includes DOT Compliance Consulting, DOT Compliance Workshops, and DOT Compliance & Safety Training.

DOT and FMCSA regulations can get tricky. This is why MAC Safety is committed to educating your drivers and supervisors on all federal and state regulations. We also audit or help your company create:

  • Driver Logs & Hours of Service Records
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • Accident Registers
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs
  • Hazardous Materials Shipper & Carrier Responsibilities/Requirements
  • Financial Responsibility (Insurance) Policies
  • Supervisory Training Programs

DOT Compliance Is All About Preparation

MAC Safety can either educate you and your staff about DOT compliance, prepare you for a potential audit, or help you improve an already damaged DOT score.

New Company DOT Compliance Set-Up & Prep – Are you starting or about to start a new company subject to DOT regulations? MAC Safety can ensure you’re properly registered and teach you and your staff how to create and maintain Company Policies, Procedures, Driver and Vehicle Files, and Written Manuals. We’ll make certain you’re set up to be totally compliant and ready to operate.

DOC Compliance Review (Audit) Preparation – Has the DOT informed you that your operation is about to be audited? Are you unsure of what’s involved, what records they’ll need to review, and worried you won’t be in compliance? Let our team whip your carrier safety program into shape. We’ll perform a Mock DOT Compliance Review (Audit) using the same software used by FMCSA. Your final report will mimic what you’d receive from a real DOT Compliance Review. Not only will you get a report, we’ll also establish a plan of action to correct potential violations found and get your recordkeeping and documentation in order.

Recovering From an Audit – If deficiencies were found in a past audit, we’ll assess your DOT scores, review your most frequent violations, verify your information is current, and start working to rebuild your record.

FMCSA Regulations Training for Supervisors

Supervisors of drivers covered by the DOT/FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Alcohol Misuse and Controlled Substances Use Program are required by Federal Regulations to complete two hours of initial training.

The purpose of this training is teach supervisors their responsibilities in an overall DOT and FMCSA regulations compliance program. Supervisors will learn how to identify possible indicators or symptoms of illegal drug and/or alcohol misuse. They’ll also learn how to confront and test a driver upon reasonable suspicion and how to maintain proper records and documentation.


Contact MAC Safety today at 724-513-4491 or fill out our contact form for more information on our DOT compliance programs. You don’t have to tackle the complicated world of DOT/FMCSA Regulations on your own. Our consulting and training experts are here to help.