Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety: The Importance of Great Communication on Your Construction Site

Construction site safety in Pittsburgh is a serious matter. Nearly 5,000 workers die each year in result of fatal injuries that occur at the workplace, and construction sites are a major contender to this number. When you’re running a construction site, construction safety is of vital importance to keep employees and contractors safe at all times.

Top Dangers of a Construction Safety Site in Pittsburgh

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. According to OSHA, there are 4 distinguishable hazards that cause the most fatalities in the industry, including:

● Falls (responsible for 39.9% of construction site deaths in 2014)
● Electrocutions
● Struck by object
● Caught in or between

While danger seemingly lurks around every corner on construction sites, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of injury or death. BLS reports that eliminating the “fatal four” would save 508 lives of construction workers per year.

How Communication Saves Lives on Construction Sites

One of the most important aspects of construction site safety is communication. Communication comes in a variety of forms, from verbal to signage. Signs that indicate dangers such as high voltage, overhead crane in use, and open hole are all required by OSHA standards. These signs are intended to keep contractors aware of their surroundings and prevent injuries and falls.

Unfortunately, fall protection was the top cited standard violation in 2015. The next most cited violation was hazard communication, followed by scaffolding.

Another aspect of increasing awareness of danger at your construction site is verbal communication. Assigning a team member to alert contractors of danger can be an effective way to reduce the risk of injury and even save lives.

For example, a designated employee can inform contractors of an operating crane. As the crane is being loaded with materials, the employee can ensure that the site is cleared out from workers before the crane is swung. Although there should be signage indicating the presence of a crane, unfortunately these signs can be missed or ignored. However, a designated employee can ensure that all workers are aware of a crane’s presence.

Your Custom Construction Site Safety Plan in Pittsburgh

As you can see, communication reduces the chance of injury and saves lives. A construction safety company such as MAC Pittsburgh can help you develop a plan that keeps onsite workers and contractors safe. To learn more about your custom construction site safety plan, contact MAC Pittsburgh today at 724-847-3331.